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XKC(T)D plot fun

Jakecob Vanderplas Sketch Path Filter got into the core of matplotlib 1.3. Now it is easy to produce plots with the XKCD style with just the following:

In [2]:
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
plt.xkcd()  #<- That's it!
<matplotlib.rc_context at 0x7f1491b06510>

You will need the latest development version of matplotlib. (If you use OpenSUSE 12.3 just add my custom repository, here is a list of the packages available).

And here is my XKC(T)D profile ;-)

In [3]:
import gsw
import numpy as np
from oceans.sw_extras import gamma_GP_from_SP_pt
from ctd import DataFrame, Series, movingaverage, rosette_summary, lp_filter

cast = DataFrame.from_cnv('./data/CTD_001.cnv.gz', compression='gzip')
hours = cast['timeS'].max() / 60. / 60.
lon, lat = cast.longitude.mean(), cast.latitude.mean()

cast = cast[cast['pumps']]  # True for good values.
cast = cast[~cast['flag']]  # True for bad values blame SBE!

keep = set(['t090C', 'c0S/m', 'sbeox0Mm/Kg', 'dz/dtM'])
cast = cast.drop(keep.symmetric_difference(cast.columns), axis=1)  # Remove unwanted columns.

cast['dz/dtM'] = movingaverage(cast['dz/dtM'], window_size=48)
cast['sbeox0Mm/Kg'] = movingaverage(cast['sbeox0Mm/Kg'], window_size=48)

kw = dict(sample_rate=24.0, time_constant=0.15)
cast.index = lp_filter(cast.index, **kw)

downcast, upcast = cast.split()

downcast = downcast.press_check()  # Remove pressure reversals.
downcast = downcast[downcast['dz/dtM'] >= 0.25]  # Threshold velocity.

kw = dict(n1=2, n2=20, block=150)
downcast = downcast.apply(Series.despike, **kw)

downcast = downcast.apply(Series.bindata, **dict(delta=1.))
downcast = downcast.apply(Series.interpolate)

pmax = max(cast.index)
if pmax >= 500:
    window_len = 21
elif pmax >= 100:
    window_len = 11
    window_len = 5
kw = dict(window_len=window_len, window='hanning')
downcast = downcast.apply(Series.smooth, **kw)
In [4]:
fig, ax = downcast['t090C'].plot()
ax.set_ylabel("Pressure [dbar]")
fig.set_size_inches((5, 7))
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