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SEAPY is dead, long live SEAPY!

Some time ago I started a website called SEAPY shameless copied from based on WHOI's SEAMAT. However, as any site that contains list of links, it suffered (and badly) from link rot. So here it is, SEAPY is dead, long live SEAPY. I am closing the old google code site and re-opening it on GitHub.

Why GitHub? Well, GitHub is a social network for open source programmers and GitHub lowers the barriers to collaboration. People that are familiar with GitHub can send PRs and those who are unfamiliar can open issues. All you need is a free GitHub account.

Here is the new site link:

The site can be forked from here and if you are:

  • the author of a library in the list and want a better description
  • user of a library that is not in the list
  • someone passing by that just found a broken link

I want to hear from you! Go here and open issues asking/fixing/commenting.

PS: We need a logo!!!

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